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RSPCA Assured, previously Freedom Food, is the RSPCA’s ethical food label dedicated to farm animal welfare.

You’ll continue to see the Freedom Food logo until May 2016 as shops and restaurants have packaging to use up, but you'll begin to spot the RSPCA Assured label from June this year.

The RSPCA Assured label makes it easy to recognise products from animals that have had a better life, so you can feel confident and good about your choice when shopping and eating out.

If there’s an RSPCA Assured label on the packaging of the eggs, fish and meat that you buy, you know the farms - and everyone else involved in the animals’ lives - have been inspected by our assessors.

Our team and the RSPCA’s farm livestock officers check that farm animals have been well cared for to strict RSPCA welfare standards throughout their lives.

The RSPCA’s welfare standards cover the whole of an animal’s life, from their health and diet to their environment and care.

This includes things like space, light, bedding and enrichment, right through to transport and humane slaughter.


We inspect indoor as well as outdoor farms, including free range and organic. This means we can improve the lives of more animals while offering you greater choice.

So, the next time you’re shopping or eating out, look for the logo and show that you care.

Thank you for looking for the RSPCA Assured label and helping us improve the lives of farm animals; we couldn’t do it without you!

  • We have more than 3,000 members across farming and food production and you can buy Freedom Food-labelled meat, fish and eggs in many of the UK’s supermarkets and restaurants.

  • RSPCA Assured is recognised as the only scheme in Europe dedicated to farm animal welfare and has been acknowledged as a higher level scheme by the UK government.

  • Unlike other schemes, we are completely independent from the food and farming industries.

  • Our vision is for all farm animals to have a good life and be treated with compassion and respect.

Check out our video and find out more: