The deli counter

Cold, cooked meats of the deli counter are perfect for a lovely simple lunch, picnic or special sandwich filling. So, what should you look out for?


Cooked hams and gammon:

boiled or roasted, hams and gammons can provide delicious tasting slices, all salty, tender and flavoursome.  Look for joints that have come from pigs reared on Freedom Food approved farms to the RSPCA’s strict welfare standards – the counter ticket will show the Freedom Food logo.  Not only will you find Freedom Food labelled ham in local farm shops and delicatessen, but some of the major supermarkets – Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons and the Co-operative - also stock some great Freedom Food labelled hams on their deli counters.

Roasted chicken:

while it is great to roast your own chicken and use leftovers for sandwiches, sometimes you just don’t have time – and a few slices of breast meat from the counter can be just what you’re after.  Again, look for the Freedom Food logo as it means the chicken has been reared to RSPCA welfare standards whether indoors, free range or organic.


something we were sorely missing was a high welfare, British chorizo – but The Bath Pig company have come up trumps.  Using their own special curing methods, and Freedom Food labelled free range pork, The Bath Pig company have come up with three flavours of chorizo ready for you to make delicious Panini, sumptuous tapas and rich, silky stews. It’s available on line and in a number of Farm shops and delicatessens across the UK.

Quiches and Pies:

You can of course make these from scratch if you have time – they’re a great way of using up leftover ingredients and we have provided recipes in the past for chicken and bacon pies, and our salmon and watercress flans.  But when time is tight, a short cut to picnic heaven is undoubtedly a great pie made by someone else!  And Higgidy Pies have a wonderful Freedom Food labelled chicken pie.

Scotch Eggs:

look out for scotch eggs that are using Freedom Food barn or free range eggs and Freedom Food labelled sausage meat.